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Russian scenes 1916-1920-s

Summary: MOSCOW: Stalin and aides, at 16th Communist Congress, where they sponsored agricultural revival. Joseph Stalin, Vyacheslav M Molotov and others walking in courtyard toward and past camera. MS, Molotov, Stalin, Mikhail Kalinin; others in bg. ON FARM: LS, line of tractors harvesting grain. LS, men and women stacking the cut grain. Workers throwing sheaves into hulling machine. CU, hands scooping up the hulled grain. IN GOVERNMENT OFFICE: Scenes, People's Commissariats of Foreign Affairs: Letvinov, Krestinski, Karakhan, Stomoniakov (fifth man, unidentified.) CU, Letvinov. CUs, two other members. HEADLINES WORLD WAR I. NY American (1914) "CZAR EXPECT WAR DECLARATION TODAY: ENGLAND & GERMANY READY TO STRIKE; AUSTRIANS & SERBS IN BIG BATTLE". Montage of headlines: "GREAT BRITAIN DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY; AUSTRIA DECLARES WAR, RUSHES VAST ARMY TO SERBIA, RUSSIA MASSES' MEN ON BORDER; Headline in Berliner Tageblatt. NY Times (July 27, l9l4)"AUSTRIA & SERBIA READY FOR WAR; RUSSIA GIVES WARNING TO GERMANY; LONDON STILL SEES HOPE FOR PEACE". NY Journal: "CZAR BACKS SERBIA" NY World: "RUSSIA TELLS KAISER SHE WILL FIGHT FOR SERBIA; AUSTRIA DECLARES WAR; CONFLICT ON FRONTIER; FRANCE CALLS IN COLONIAL ARMY; FLEET READY."NY Times & Freie Press: "HEIR TO AUSTRIA'S THRONE IS SLAIN" Pan to still photo of Serbian police dragging off assassin. Still photo: Blood-stained tunic of Archduke Ferdinand. LS, ceremony on pier with flag-draped coffin of Ferdinand. Newspaper heading: "CZAR'S FORCES MASS ON EASTERN BORDER". VSs, Czar Nicholas II reviewing troops. HSs, mass demonstration in streets of Moscow; carrying bodies through streets; civilians armed with rifles marching in demonstration. MS, Leon Trotsky. Bolshevik troops on parade - cut to: Trotsky saluting. LS, people eating at tables set up in snow-covered streets. Children getting bread at counters in street. LS, showing part of Kremlin; St Sophia Cathedral in bg. CU, profile, Lenin at desk talking. Headlines: "KAISER DECREES STATE OF WAR". LS, patrol boat at sea. MLS, torpedo released from side of patrol boat - cut to LS, straight- stacked destroyer being hit and exploding. MISC SCENES FROM "COLLEGES AT WAR".: 03/03/1950. (State Dept)LSD couple on stone bench.(Cornell, Ithaca, New York) LS, Cornell University. LS, campus. MS, monument to Eleazar Wheelock who put up first Dartmouth Building LS, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire.

Tags: История России

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