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Metropolitan-Vickers Book

It was C. S. Richards who, with Hilton's support, made the first approaches after the war to the new Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Richards had been acting manager in Moscow before the 1917 revolution, escaping in time to join the British intelligence staff at Murmansk, and he and A. A. Simon (manager of continental sales) had a wide personal knowledge and understanding of the country and were confident of the stability of the new republic.

As a result, within a very few years the Company';unassisted by Government credits—had established close trading relations with the Soviet authorities, a step that was never regretted. By 1924 large contracts were in hand, and orders, mainly for heavy plant, to a total value of some £5,000,000 were carried out in the period between the wars. M-V turbogenerators of a capacity approaching 1,000,000 kW were installed, and the Company's name became more than ever a household word in Russia.

In Russia the extensive work done in the past had won the Company a high reputation with the Soviet authorities, and in 1927 a six-year technical assistance agreement had been entered into with Machinostroi, the only Russian turbine works then existing; here turbine manufacture to M-V designs was established on a large scale under I. R. Cox, the Company's chief mechanical engineer in Russia.

In 1931 another agreement was entered into with the State Electrical Trust, covering large turbines and electrical equipment of all kinds. This lasted for seven years during which the Company trained large numbers of Russian engineers, thus contributing to the industrial development that proved so valuable in the last war.

It was during this period of close association that in March 1933 there came the dramatic news of the arrest on charges of sabotage and espionage of six M-V engineers employed in Russia. These were Allan Monkhouse, L. C. Thornton, W. L. Macdonald, J. Cushny, C. H. de Nordwall, and A. W. Gregory.

In due course the trials took place in Moscow with Vishinsky as prosecutor. Gregory was acquitted, but various degrees of guilt were found against the other prisoners.
Shortly afterwards however, they were released and allowed to return to this country, later to resume their work in less exciting fields.

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