Елена (ljwanderer) wrote,

Фоторепортер Лиза Ларсен

Miss Sweden Anita Ekberg, 20, a model fr. Malmo, having her hips measured by Eileen Ford, head of Ford Model Agency, who recommended that she loose some inches there if she wants to model in the US. 1951

Gleason Girls, 1953

Little girls playing together on a beach, 1954

Children, 1954

Modern Dance School, 1953

Fashion models wearing swimsuits at a Florida swimming pool.1956

Fashion model showing off a swimsuit on a Florida beach.1956

Grace Kelly

People sitting in Warsaw Cathedral listening to Cardinal Wyszynski.1956

Warsaw, 1956

Лиза Ларсен на фоне одной из своих фотографий
Photographer: Gordon Parks, 1958
Tags: Женщина и фотография, Фотокорреспонденты

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