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Искусство видеть - фотохудожник Маргарет Бурк-Уайт


View Along the Bayonne Bridge

Welder Securing Steel Structure While Working on Hull of a Ship, Bethlehem Shipbuilding Drydock

Woman at Loom at American Woolen Mills

WOR Radio Transmitting Tower

Newly Made Shells Amassed Side by Side in Pilson Shell Department at the Skoda Munitions Factory

Plowshare Blades Made at Oliver Forges

Support Struts Inside Section of a Giant Pipe Used to Divert Flow of Missouri River

Support Struts Inside Section of Pipe Used to Divert the Flow of the Missouri River, Fort Peck Dam

Suspension Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise

Two Irving Air Chute Co. Employees Struggling to Pull Down One of their Parachutes after Test Jump

Two tractors

Coiled Rod Ready to Draw into Wire at Aluminum Company of America Plant

Display of Sombrero Ashtrays Hand Painted by Mexican Natives for Sale at Macy's Department Store

Electric Locomotive on Track in Powderly Anthracite Coal Mine Gangway, Owned by Hudson Coal Co

Elliptical Staircase in the Supreme Court Building

Harp-Shaped Steel String Frames in Racks Waiting to be Installed at the Steinway Piano Factory

Men Working on Pipes Used to Divert Section of Missouri River During Building of Fort Peck Dam

Near Drowning Victim Mary Eschner, Who is Reviving in the Center of the Crowd, Coney Island

Aerial of Waterskier. Long Beach, California 1951

Aerial View of Suburban Housing Development Outside of Philadelphia

Aerial View of the Golden Gate Bridge

Aerial View of Waterskiers and Motorboats Speeding across the Pacific Ocean at Marine Stadium

Chrysler Building

George Washington Bridge,1933

Closeup of a Spool of Coned Rayon Yarn at the Industrial Rayon Corp. Factory


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