Елена (ljwanderer) wrote,

Польша. История семьи- Wanda Sulkowska

Сопротивление новой власти: http://www.polandsholocaust.org/schooldays.html
"Many of our refugee guests had to move out, but Janka still brought home soldiers or members of the Resistance whom she gave clothing and food, and fake ID's. She also traveled to nearby cities as a courier of secret messages for the Polish underground--I once saw her cleverly hide them in a bar of soap!"

"We indeed were a dangerous family. My mother born in Russia had married a Pole while my brother was an athlete who never drank or smoked--very suspicious! But at the first chance Czeslaw did join the Polish Army and fled the USSR, to fight the Germans in the RAF."

письма из Красноярского края, попытка примкнуть к Армии Андерса
" I'm so frightened by certain misfortunes, by the hostility to us and the adversarial stance of the powers that are. Only those families are leaving who somebody comes to take out. It's easier to depart from other places, especially from Achmolensk Oblast. "


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